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Sea Change Life Interview with Brit Eastman

Sea Change Life Interview with Brit Eastman

In this interview we chat with the legendary Brittany Eastman (aka Brit Wilde) on her multiple, instinctual and lightning fast sea changes. As writers do, she so beautifully articulates what change has meant for her.

What does a Sea Change mean to you?

Any change that compels you to move, act, think, feel and be more of who you innately are, that also moves you closer to your ideal vision for life.  And obviously, this includes big geographical moves that fundamentally change the way you engage with life. 


What are the Sea Change/s you’ve made in your life?

In 2012, at the age of 22, I made my first big move from my home town in regional Victoria to Perth, Western Australian, purely for the purpose of sun chasing, wave catching and dreamy coastlines (which it very much delivered on!).  I made my next big move in 2017 from Perth to the much crisper climate of Christchurch, New Zealand, this time with twin babes and a man in tow.  I stayed here for a few years and got my mountain and hiking fix before migrating back to Perth - again, chasing the sun.  But, before long (after only 1 year), we were feeling the itch to marry our worlds and find a place for the sun and the trees to meet, and landed in Tallebudgera on the Gold Coast. 


Is there a stand out moment when you decided to say yes to your sea change?

Every sea change I’ve ever made has been instinctual and lightning fast.  As soon as the desire crystallises, I cannot help but make whatever moves necessary (like the time we loaded 3 kids in the car and drove for 5 days from WA to QLD) to make it happen.  The stand out moments of clarity have also been the ordinary moments - a conversation in the kitchen with my husband, rocking the baby to sleep, driving to the supermarket.  It doesn’t take magic moments to make magical decisions.  


What has been the most difficult part of your Sea Change?

Building a community that we can sit with - belly to belly - from scratch, over and over.  With many moves comes a fragmented local community, and creating enough time to meet, connect with and establish beautiful relationships has been difficult, especially with 3 little ones and an accompanying 6pm curfew!


What is your most treasured personal attribute that supports your courage?

Willingness to try.  I think I have a really healthy relationship to failure, and have always lived by the philosophy that if things don’t work out, at least I know what’s not meant for me.  Not being attached to everything working out perfectly has given me the courage to experiment constantly without pressure.


What has been the most surprisingly wonderful by-product of your change?

Community! After the first few moves, I consciously decided to give myself at least a couple of years of grace when it came to building a wonderful village of people - that stuff takes time!  But, we’re only a year into our move to the Gold Coast and I can honestly say that these are our people and we feel so at home.  


If you could rotate between three places to live for the rest of your years what would be these three places?

Gold Coast, anywhere in Italy, and the Maldives.


What makes you feel like you’re home?

A regulated nervous system, the smell of nature, the sun, a good coffee, a handful of magnificent friends, and my beautiful family.

You can visit the magical online home for Brit’s work on IG @iambrittanywilde 


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