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Sea Change Life Interview with Ewe Choot

Sea Change Life Interview with Ewe Choot

In this interview we chat with our mate Ewe Choot who has been a travel photographer since 2014. We look at what has been behind his Sea Change to live a life of snapping the globe.


Tell us about that moment you made the dream to become a travel photographer come true? 

I’ve always loved travel and photography. And I’ve always wanted to document places that others cannot get to experience themselves for whatever reason. After decades of  being in the corporate world, I decided it was time to bite the bullet, realising life is short. To be able to visit places and document amazing scenes and experiences is what I want to do with my days. I want to visit places that others consider WOW :)


What got you over the line?

I spent four months in Rajasthan India in late 2014 and knew this was what I loved doing, travelling. The encouragement of family and friends to follow this passion of mine and turn it into something I could do full time was also a significant factor. I also knew this would be a positive change for my mental health. And finally the continual feedback from people that my photos were a source of inspiration for them to visit new places, I knew this was something I had to pursue. So many signs were pointing in the direction of just doing it.


What does Sea Change mean to you?

To me, it’s been a change of the buzzing lifestyle to a calmer one. To a life that feels more like the one I want to live, more rewarding.


What were the things holding you back from making your sea change sooner?

Mainly the fear of change. I had become too comfy in a certain lifestyle and my routine. I was afraid of “giving up” the lifestyle I had become so accustomed to.


What’s your favourite thing about your life of travel?

I love meeting new & interesting people. Travelling to so many places and learning something new from each one has expanded my perspective of life and humans. I’ve had so many incredible insights into culture. Culture includes food, religion, music, activities and the way that people live. A clever guy once said to me “ a tourist wants to escape life whereas a traveller wants to experience life.” That is my favourite thing. Experiencing life.


What has been the most surprising positive outcome your change has created?

For me, being on the road so much (pre-covid) travelling to so many different locations on a daily basis has made me so much more adaptable to changes and going with the ever-changing flow. Things constantly do not go to plan, from flight changes to dodgy accommodation I’ve had to become accustomed to expecting the unexpected and pivoting. Also seeing the diversity in the human experience has given me a better outlook on life. And the most positive outcome has been learning to accept who I am.


If you could rotate between three locations forever what would they be?

Sydney, Penang and Melbourne!


What is it about your hometown that makes you feel like you’re at home?

Friends and family. Local food and what I do in my pass time like sports, my hobbies and volunteering.  

While covid put a spanner in Ewe’s travel career he is going to be back snapping and trekking the globe shortly. You can visit his incredible library of travel images on IG @ewechoot


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