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Sea Change Life Interview with Coco Dee

Sea Change Life Interview with Coco Dee

In this interview we chat with our savvy and talented friend Coco Dee on her Sea Change to Bali, the search for home and leaving no room for regret.

What has been your big Sea Change?

My most recent Sea change was relocating from Queensland to Bali just over twelve months ago. It’s been absolutely wild.

Is there a stand out moment when you decided to say yes to your sea change?

I had wanted to move to South East Asia, I love the food and people and landed on Bali as the location. The plan was to move a few years ago but then covid happened and then I was pregnant so for me and Dallas, my partner, it was more a matter of the timing being right for our sea change to be possible.

What has been the most difficult part of your Sea Change?

Finding the right spot in Bali to settle. We started in Canggu and that just was too chaotic and the traffic was next level, so we moved to a quieter place on the island and then the house wasn’t right so we were left living in a hotel for months. Finally, a year after our move I’ve just found the right home, with space and a great community. Also my partner, Dallas, moved back to Australia a few months ago because that is where he needs to be right now so being in Bali with our two year old daughter on my own is also a challenging part of our decision to follow what is right for both of us.

What is your most treasured personal attribute that supports your courage?

My lack of willingness to have any regrets. I am a high risk taker because the thought of not taking action and regretting it later is my greatest fear. But the difference between me now Vs younger Coco is that I now allow for more time with my decisions.

What has been the most surprisingly wonderful by-product of your change?

Having the ability to be more present with my daughter Ari. Less of life's distractions means I’m able to spend more time working on my businesses and then also to have more quality time with her. The support I am able to utilise in Bali is just incredible.

If you could rotate between three places to live for the rest of your years what would be these three places?

Bali, Vietnam, Tropical North Queensland

What makes you feel like you’re home?

It’s just that, a feeling. I just was not happy in Brisbane. There was no exact reason, I just knew in my body that it wasn’t the place for me at this point in my life. Bali is so aligned for the things I’m creating and the way I want to live right now.

You can follow all of Coco’s Bali adventures and access the incredible amount of quality, high value knowledge she shares on IG @iamcocodee


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